How can you download and install a Wyze Cam for PC?

wyze cam for pcToday’s home security cameras that used in any of the households. See into our own homes we have physically away comforted us of security and safety. A lot of several families using security and safety cameras for their own homes and installing and placing a smart security camera.

Wyze Cam for PC is a smart security camera, also a popular security camera. This camera device used for video and used for home surveillance. We are choosing a Wyze cam is best for home safety and security here define a few reasons:


Features of Wyze Cam for PC

The following are the top features of the Wyze cam app.

Images with High Resolution

Wyze cam image resolution range is 1080 p and embeds a CMOS sensor. The focal length of the Cam is 2.88mm. In this Cam, you can see everything very clearly; also, this Cam provides complete detail.

Full HD Clear Live streaming with Zoom App

This Cam result is apparent on live streaming and captured a clear and elegant image also captured each detail. These things are very important for using this camera for home security and safety.

High-pitched Night vision

Most of the cameras do not work well, but this Cam has especially about to work at night. This Cam result is very sharp and clear at night. This Cam is a zoom inability in 8x and captured a clear and fine image at night. Also, in this Cam has four LEDs which frequency is about 850nn and captured an image 30 feet away at night.

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Detection of a Motion

This Cam quickly captured a suspicious movement and give a promptly based notification at any time and update you for every single action. If you are not at home, this Cam also detects every moment and detail. Wyze Cam detects a fire alarm and smoke alarms and sends you notification alerts in your mobile you can protect yourself faster.

Two Way Communication Audio

Wyze Cam has aa great build-in feature to communicate with your family members, your pet, and your friends. This Cam has a speaker and microphone so that you can easily communicate with anyone.

Catch the Wyze Cam for PC

This Cam does not have an app and currently does not work for PC and Mac but has some other alternatives that you can easily download and install this app on your PC. here, define a step by step process that you are download and connect.

  • In the First Step Download and Install BlueStacks

First, you install a BlueStacks, which is an emulator for android mobiles. This software is free on the internet, so you install this then open the program as well.

  • In the Second Step, You Must Log-In into the Bluestacks

You successfully install this software and open this will show you a prompt to log-in with your E-mail Address. In this situation, you don’t have an e-mail account. First, you have to register yourself and then create your account and log-in yourself as well.

  • In Third Step Download Wyze Cam with APK File

You download this app by APK file format because Bluestack wants APK file, and the process continues onto the PC.

  • In Forth Step, APK file Run on Bluestack
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You successfully download the APK file format click this file and run on the Bluestack. The process finished, then create a shortcut on your desktop for this Wyze Cam. By double-clicking this shortcut 

Then open a Wyze cam account, then enter the id and password and enjoy this app.

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