WMI Provider Quick solution of Host High CPU Usage on Windows 10

Read this article if you are confronting the WMI Provider Host problem on Windows 10.so you can read and teach the WMI provider host high CPU problem. Also mention in this article some solutions so you can read this article with full concentration and follow all the steps and procedures very carefully.

What is WMI Provider Host high?

First, we will discuss what WMI provider Host is; it is an element of Microsoft windows and controls the business environment and get hold of management information.

Using the WMI, the manager set all the query data on system components and the network programs with other business components.

You can Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage on Windows 10

WMI allows all the services which is related to the management and what are the notification that users will not get, and all the errors take place.

wmi provider host high cpu

Procedure 1: You can Scan your PC for Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware are the big reason, and this Wmiprvse.exe high CPU happening in Windows 10.

So, you can download the antivirus such as Malwarebytes or Norton Power Eraser.

Procedure 2: You can Restart the Windows Management Instrumentation Service on Windows 10

If you fix the High CPU issue, so the restart Windows Management Instrumentation Service is the best option to resolve the problem.

First, you can restart the WMI service. After that, you press on the Windows +R, and then you can type the service.msc without any quote. And then press the enter key.


In the service Window, you can search the Windows Management Instrumentation by right click and then click on restart.also you can restart the WmiPrvSE.exe in most of the cases you can restart the WMI services, and you will fix the problems of WMI provider host high CPU in Windows 10.


Procedure 3: You can Scan and Repair the Corrupted System Files

You can Scan and Repaired the Corrupted System Files and fix lots of Problems in Your System. And the distorted Windows System files are a reason for the occurrence of problems.

By clicking on the Windows + X and you can quickly scan and repair the corrupted files. And open a command prompt Admin with some administrative privilege and then type the sfc/scannow and press the Enter.

And you can type another command and Click on the Enter key.


Procedure 4: You can Restart the IP Helper and Security Center

Windows 10 has two different windows Services with Windows management Instrumentation, and you can fix the problems with the help of Windows Services.

First one is IP Helper (iphlpsvc)

The second one is the Security Center (wscsvc)

Now you will restart the Windows Management Instrumentation and fix the problems of WMI provider host high CPU usage in Windows 10.

Procedure 5: You can Uninstall all the incompatible programs

You must encounter the problems and issues of wmiprvse.exe in windows ten after updating any programs and installing the programs in windows 10. The programs are not matching with the WmiPRvSE.exe and lead the problems.so if you will lately install and update any new program in Windows so you can disable the Windows services or after uninstalling check, the issue occurs or not.

You have some different way so you can share in the comment section.

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