Download WinSCP For PC and MAC

Download WinSCP For PC and MAC

WinSCP is a free app. By using this app, you can transfer the files between a local and remote computer. But, Mostly don’t know how to install WinSCP for PC and Also on MAC. we are going to cover a detailed article on this app.

you can utilize it, reallocate it and additionally alter it under the details of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as distributed by the Free Software Foundation, either form 3 of the License, or (at your choice) any later form.

Download WinSCP For PC and MAC

Essential Features of WinSCP App

WinSCP App is the best app and your team at work or any other your project and has a lot of benefits of the WinSCP app, and here define the essential features of the WinSCP App.

  • File Encryption

This app provides us a matchless opportunity, and you can seamlessly encrypt your files on the SFTP server with the aid encryption of AES-256. You can also easily specify the encryption key as a portion of the setting and after by default. This app is excellent and encrypts the file seamlessly that you can upload the file with the file names. Also, this app is beneficial for download any file because you can get original file content, but including the server, the administrator does not have the encryption key.

  • Resuming of File Transfer
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Resuming file Transfer do not support the SCP and WebDAV protocol and the WinSCP App

FTP and SFTP protocol support this protocol and allow the process. If you are using the S3 protocol, you can resume the file very quickly. Also, the WinSCP App saves the file name temporarily, and then you can rename it and target the title after the file successfully finishes.

  • Connection Tunneling

WinSCP SSH protocol enables and forwards the arbitrary network connections over the encrypted SSH network connections; also, this app can allow you to another server, which is called server2.

There are so many ways you can integrate the WinSCP with the Microsoft windows. You can be setting up the integration during the installation process and do its future through the preference dialog on the integration page. This app also works with the puTTY to give excellent file transfer services.

  • Portable use

You can easily use this app with the configuration, and you can set this with the help of a USB and a removable media. You can easily use this and quickly transfer it by another computer.

  • Master Password

The WinSCP App has an AES cipher, and this would be protecting your saved passwords. If you set the master password for the protection of some sensitive information in a few cases, very easily decrypt the passwords with the help of malicious software and quickly gained access to your computer.

  •  Select the User Interface

The WinSCP App allows you to choose the user interface, and that works best according to your needs at a time and only depending on your experience with the WinSCP.

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How to install the WinSCP For PC

Step No1: first, you can download the package installer.

Step No2: Now you can Run the WinSCP install on your PC same as the other programs.

Step No3: Now, the prompt appears, and you will choose “typical Installation.”

Step No 4: Now, you select the ‘Explore’ if you are a beginner, and this is the preferred user interface. And if you have a mastery in Norton Commander, so you choose the commander as a user interface.

Step No 5: After completing the installation process, you can restart your computer and start using the WinSCP app to transfer the files.

Transferring the Files Using Winscp for PC

By simply dragging the files icons from one side window to the other, you can easily copy them from the AFS home directory to your local computer.

You are Giving a new Name to a File.

  1. First, you can select the file on your home page.
  2. Now you can select the Rename option from the file menu.
  3. Now you give the original file name.
  4. And then, click the enter key and save the file name.
  5. Now you can Delete a file.
  6. Select the data on your home page you want to delete it.
  7. Select the Delete option from the file menu.
  8. Now click OK to remove the file.

It is connecting to the external computers to Transfer the files.

First, open the WinSCP by double-clicking on the WinSCP icon and the prompt appear and open a WinSCP dialog box.

First, you write the host computer address also your username of the computer and your password and press the Login button.

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If you are the first time connect to the new server, you will get a warning and press the yes button, and the process finished.

Alternative apps of WinSCP


By using this, you can transfer the Single files to a web server.


It is a networking software and used in networking, and you can share the file very securely.


It is also a file explorer for remote files and in this include an FTP, Amazon3 and google drive, and SFTP.

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