Watch UFC on PS4

Watch UFC on PS4

It is launching the next generation console on the horizon, so the PlayStation 4 has conquered the existing generation, rostering the consoles mostly. For the exclusive first-party titles. However, you can not play the game consistently on the PS4 to use your television’s devoted media consumption device.

As with the Amazon Tv, the PlayStation 4 is well-suited and a vast range of streaming services. Preparing for UFC 250 is basic and the ideal method for watching it is through PS4 Live Events. Go to PlayStation Store now from your PS4 and look for “UFC 250: Nunes versus Spencer”. PS4 proprietors can pre-request the compensation per-view occasion today.

Furthermore, that is all there is to it: you’re good to go! Also include the on-demand TV live services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV that can easily download from the PlayStation Store. Suppose you are watching the UFC and easily stream it online by using ESPN+ and the Streaming services. And this exclusive broadcast service owned by Disney for the pay-per-view for the UFC fight. Also, ESPN+ includes several sports like the MLB, NBA, and so on. Read this article carefully, and you can easily watch the UFC on PS4.

Steps to Watch the UFC on PS4

You are watching the UFC on PS4, so first, you can download the ESPN app on your console. ESPN available in the PlayStation Store and quickly download on your PS4.

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Below define some steps for installing ESPN on PS4.

  • On the Home screen, you can Launch the PlayStation Store.
  • Now you can click on the Search option located on the PlayStation Store.
  • You can search the ESPN and then click on the Search Bar’s PlayStation Store’s ESPN app.
  • Click on the download button, and you can easily install ESPN on your PS4.
  • After downloading the ESPN then you can launch it on your PS4 home screen.
  • Before launching the app, you can get a subscription to ESPN+ for quickly accessing the UFC on the Streaming library.

Sign Up for ESPN+ Subscription.

The subscription cost of the ESPN+ per month 5$ and the yearly subscription 50$. Also include a lot of unique features and the UFC Fight Nights, and the specific events in this subscription. Also, separately pay for the Live UFC PPV events.

Below define some steps of ESPN+ subscription.

  • Firstly, you visit from a web browser by using the different devices.
  • Now you can click BUY ESPN+, and this will redirect to the ESPN+ account of the creation page.
  • Put all the credentials like name, email, the password for the ESPN+ account, and then click on the Signup.
  • Select the preferred ESPN+ subscription and then select the payment method.
  • Required some billing information and then screen instruction to complete the whole payment subscription.
  • For purchasing the ESPN+ subscription, and sent the email for a confirmation.

Activate ESPN. 

Now you can install the ESPN app on the PS4 then activate it. So below define some steps for the activation process.

  • On the PS4 home screen, you can launch ESPN.
  • Now you can press the gear icon that is located on the top right corner.
  • From the sidebar, you can select the Subscriptions.
  • Log in to the ESPN app and then generate an activation code, and this is for a log-in session.
  • From the other device, Go to and then enter the activation code.
  • Successfully log in to the ESPN+ account.
  • Quickly access the ESPN+ streaming library after the subscription as well.
  • Expiring the subscription, you can stream the upcoming events of UFC.
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Closing Words

In this article, define all the processes for Watching the UFC on PS4. Also, the console is used for gaming purposes. You can use it for the replacement of the TV cable connection. Follow the complete guide and watch the UFC on the PlayStation 4.

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