IPTV Review, Kodi Solutions and Installation Guide for Firestick

IPTV Review, Kodi Solutions and Installation Guide for Firestick

The first review about the Kodi Solutions IPTV and many providers on the internet, but all providers are not trustable. You can also prefer and check the Best IPTV Services Provider for Firestick in 2020, and you can buy a valuable one.

IPTV Review, Kodi Solutions and Installation Guide for Firestick

The IPTV providers give you M3U URL to watch out for all the channels and Movies. Without the URL, the user does not watch any TV channels and Movies. You can also require the user for IPTV player to enter the M3U URL to watch the Live TV shows. In any case, installing Kodi on a Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick is simpler than you could naturally suspect.

You don’t need to root your gadget, and you can achieve the entire cycle in around 5 minutes, in the event that you’re a fast typist. The IPTV player is a stage you can enter the M3U URL and watch the Live TV channels. Now define the Kodi solutions; basically, it offers you thousands of TV channels from many countries and a low cost. And other service provider does not provide any videos on demand.

  • It supports Pay-per-View Events.
  • And Watch all the sports packages such as NHL, NBA, 3 PM Football, and so on.
  • This has 24/7 channels.
  • International channels are available in India, Bangladesh, and Arabic.
  • It also includes Adult Channels.
  • Also, local media available from the US and Canada.
  • This has an HD-Quality channel.
  • Have password Protection available to lock any channels easily.

For using the IPTV service on your device, make sure you can install a VPN. And adds more security to your instrument because of the streaming content.

Sign Up and Register the Kodi Solutions on IPTV

You can purchase the Kodi Solutions IPTV and sign up with the email id below. Define the step by step procedure to sign up or Register so you can follow the steps.

Step No 1: First, you can open the link https://www.ks-hosting.com/clients/cart.php.

Step No 2: Now, you can find the option on the top right corner as Account.

Step No 3: You can click on Register.

Step No 4: users can quickly Sign up using the Facebook ID or enter the details to proceed to the sign-up.

Step No 5: After entering all the details for the sign-up form, you can click on Register. 

Step No 6: Now, the link sends to your Email Address for just confirming so you can click on it to ensure the Email ID.

Step No 7: Now, you can Log in to the Kodi Solutions IPTV.

Step No 8: Open the Dashboard on your screen, and you can find and order the new services on the shortcuts.

Step No 9: Now, you can find out the 1C hosting, 3C hosting, and 5C hosting, so you can choose only one and click on it and order Now.

Step No 10: From the next window, you can click on the Spam folder. Now you can check and select to continue.

Step No 11: You have any promo code to enter, and then you can click on the checkout.

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Step No 12: From the Next window, you can select the payment method and then click on to complete the order.

Above define the complete steps of Kodi Solutions IPTV, and you can buy a service from it. The whole process of sign-in is straightforward and easy for every user. And does not found any difficulties in the sign-up process.

Download and Install the Kodi Solution IPTV on Firestick?

Step No 1: First, you can turn on the firestick.

Step No 2: Now, you can open the setting.

Step No 3: In the Setting, you can toggle and select the device.

Step No 4: In the Device, you can find the apps from unknown sources.

Step No 5: Enable it by only Clicking or press on Turn On.

Step No 6: Now, you can open the Downloader app.

Step No 7: Now, you can enter the URL https://ks-hosting.com/apk/kstv3.1.apk in the downloader app. 

Step No 8: Now, you can click on GO.

Step No 9: You can also download the APK file on your firestick.

Step No 10: Window appears on your screen with a popup option to install.

Step No 11: Press the option to install.

Step No 12: Installation starts and completes within a few minutes.

Step No 13: Now, you can click on OK.

Advantages of IPTV Review Kodi Solutions 

  • Kodi is a meager cost
  • Kodi has above 4000 live channels.
  • Kodi supports all the devices as well.
  • Kodi has excellent password protection.

Disadvantages of IPTV Review Kodi Solutions

  • Kodi has a billing problem.
  • The renewal subscriptions have a problem.
  • The on-demand videos and movies not available.
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Final Words

I hope you can understand the IPTV Review and downloading the procedure of Kodi Solution IPTV on Firestick. Above explain all the steps so you can follow the steps and easily download them.

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