Best Video Player for Windows 10 – Top 5

In this article, list down the best windows ten video player. If you want to watch the movie on your PC to use the windows media player, use the 3rd party video player on your PC, or provide you an essential feature. So, these are the Best Videos player for windows ten, so you can watch your PC videos. Below define the five best Video players for Windows 10, and you can easily download the video players on your PC free of cost. All these video player tools include a standard format such as MP4, AVI, and MKV. Several videos player available in the market, but you can select the best video players for windows 10.

Best Video Player for Windows 10

Following are the list of the video player for windows 10.

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5 Best Video Player for Windows 10

VLC Player

The VLC is the best and popular media player and very simple to manage the great functionality; this is also the finest video player. Using a VLC media player does not require any introduction, again using the VLC media player is very simple and easy to use. It has excellent audio and video filters. This will most use media players across the world. Also open-source, and you can watch every movie format out there.

Advantages of VLC Player

  • This media player is easy to use
  • VLC media player support every type of files
  • It and Easy to install the VLC on your PC.

Disadvantages of VLC Player

  • VLC does not play the encrypted Blu-ray.
  • VLC cannot play DVDs.

GOM Medial Player

The GOM is an ideal video player for the latest operating systems, and this player is loaded with codecs. This media player is free; also, the GOM player is developed by the GOM laboratory. By using this media player, you can play all the media files. In the market, the GOM media player is good. GOM media player has an extraordinary feature and provides you a high-quality Output for any size. GOM media player is a good alternative for windows. You can play different video and audio files and support a wide range of array audio and video formats.

Advantages of GOM Media player

  • The GOM media player generous support
  • The GOM media player is a Codec tool.

Disadvantages of GOM Media Player

  • In this player, the installer adds some unwanted programs.
  • The GOM media player graphic interface is not well.

Media Player Classic

The Media Player Classic has a great feature, and this player is free of cost. By using this player, you can switch to your favorite scenes very quickly. So, you can easily download this media player by using the offline installer. The Media Player Classic is an excellent player concerning its fast user interface. The built-in codecs develop this media player for MPEG-2, AC3, MP2, etc.

Advantages of Media Player Classic 

  • The Media Player Classic installation is lightweight.
  • The interface of Media Player Classic very simple to navigate.
  • The Media Player Classic has robust control options.

Disadvantages of Media Player Classic

  • This Media Player Classic has no fantastic and great features.


The KMPlayer includes so many apps; this player is also a useful movie player app for the KDE desktop atmosphere. The KMPlayer also read and play a wide range of non-standard media files and the standard media files like VCD and DVD with high resolution such as MKV and FLV. The KMPlayer has a great feature and provides you an FTP service, and you can easily stream lots of videos and radio stations from the website. KMPlayer plays the damaged media files and objects; this supports many formats and includes various audio and video codecs.

Advantages of KMPlayer

  • In the KMPlayer, you can easily play multiple formats.
  • KMPlayer has a fast working application.
  • The KMPlayer supports lots of formats.

Disadvantages of KMPlayer

  • In the KMPlayer, the external codec for video.
  • The KMPlayer media buttons in the pop-up.


This fantastic application aims to provide a complete media user experience. The 5KPlayer is free of cost, and the interface is clean and good. You can watch each and everything very quickly to easily download the audio and video files from the social media website. 5KPlayer is a free media player and gives you an HD video with high-quality. The 5KPlayer has a great feature; you can easily record the running tasks on the desktop.

Advantages of 5KPlayer

  • In 5KPlayer, You can easily convert with the MP3 format.
  • In 5KPlayer, quickly download the videos from multiple sites.
  • 5KPlayer supports lots of files.

Disadvantages of 5KPlayer

  • The 5KPlayer player downloading process is very slow.
  • 5KPlayer uses more than the CPU power.

Final Words

According to your need, you can choose the best media player, and these video players only available for windows10.


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