All Fixes on the Discord screen share Audio not Working well

All Fixes on the Discord screen share Audio not Working well

Discord is a very famous application for gamers. And most used for communicating and share the screen with other players while playing the game.

All Fixes on the Discord screen share Audio not Working well

Now the screen sharing feature of Discord is not stable and still has lots of bugs. Users frequently reported no audio for trying to use the screen share features. discord screen share has sound highlights alongside sharing screen. Notwithstanding, in the event that you share your screen in a fullscreen mode or the volume is low, you must reset the voice settings and enable windowed mode.

This article shares some fantastic features and solutions to fix the Discord screen share with no audio problem.

Common Reason for Audio Not working with Discord Screen Share

  • The problem with the Audio driver.
  • Administrative Access.
  • The application-specific problem.
  • The compatibility of browsers.
  • In the initial version of bugs.

Before starting, you must use sure the application window and the excellent option toggled ON.

And you have your account credentials. If you are changing the setting and you will require to log in.

Fix No 01: Restart Your System

You can restart the system if you can run another program and conflict with Discord. You can Restart the course and be wiped off the current state of schedule and then resolve the problem.

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After restarting the system, you will face the same problem and try the next solution.

Fix No 02: Add the Program and share to Discord.

Discord automatically detects your activity and audio settings. When you have a problem with the audio settings, and it cannot see your activity.

Discord has a fantastic feature to add your activity to Discord when you screen sharing between different applications and sometimes applications confused to detect the incorrect settings.

Step No 01: you can open Discord and click the setting icon placed in the bottom right corner.

Step No 02: In the settings, you can click on the Games and Add it. And in the drop-down menu, you can select the program you want to share and click on the Add game.

Step No 03: Now toggle the overlay in the game activity to On.

Fix No 03: Check the Application as a possible Reason.

You face this problem with the voice and the other bugs specific to certain applications such as Mozilla Firefox. You meet this problem: you use multiple processes, and the application window is not producing sound. The solution is that you go to the alternative and switch your browser to Opera and Google.

Fix No 04: Disable Anti-Virus

Anti-virus blocks the application as well as the application. And the Audio is completely blocked. So, you can temporarily disable your anti-virus application and then check if causing the problem.

Fix No 05: Reset Discord Voice Settings

You can recently make changes in the Discord voice setting and then caused the problem to reset the voice settings and solve the problem.

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Fix No 06: Audio Drivers

The audio drivers connect to the hardware on your PC with the operating system, and you can run the application on it. You are missing the Audio in the screen sharing mode. Your drivers are outdated. For solving this problem, you can update your drivers.

Fix No 07: Administrative Access

Screen sharing takes more resources than most features in Discord. It becomes a privacy concern and requires elevated access to permission.

  • For administrative access, open the file explorer and press the Windows + E.
  • Now you can navigate the directory where you can install Discord.
  • You can right-click on the .exe file in the directory, and then you can select properties.
  • In the properties window, click on the run compatibility tab and check the Run program as administrator option.
  • Apply to save changes and then exit.

Fix No 08: Check the Computer Audio Settings

You tried all the methods defined above, and you can’t transmit Audio on an application or game in screen sharing mode then the problem in your computer audio devices.

You can check the two things here:

  • The correct recording input device select.
  • In Microphone settings, Discord allowed proper access.

Fix No 09: Disable experimental Audio.

Discord has a unique option, and you can use an experimental method to capture the voice or screen. As the name suggests, the technology is practical and has bugs that have not been resolved yet. So, you can turn off the experimental technology.

Toggle off both options, navigate the use of experimental technology to capture the Audio for games, and grab your screen.

Fix No 10: Clear Cache

Discord use cache to save the user preference as well as the temporary operations. We can use the cache component more than a dozen times in a single cell. Your cache file is damaged so that you can cause the problem with the Audio. So, you can clear the Discord cache data.

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Fix No 11: Update Discord

You can suddenly face the issue with the voice in the mid of the session, then a new update causing it. So, you can close the Discord application and then relaunched it. And the automatically update install every time.

Fix No 12: Use Push to Talk

Discord has a great feature and option that automatically detects the Audio and shares it according to the internet connection. The beta version of Discord Screen sharing reported several problems.

Stop the automatic detection of audio activity, and you can switch to push to talk. In the push to speak method, you can make a specific key to detect and transmit the voice. This key is placed in your application settings.

Fix No 13: Reinstalled Discord

If the above define the solutions not fixed to your problem, then your discord file corrupt. So, you can reinstall the Discord.

  • Uninstall the Discord you press the Ctrl+ R key in the dialogue box.
  • You can then go to the control panel and press the D key and right-click on it and then select uninstall.
  • Now you can restart your computer.
  • You can go to Discord’s official website and then click to download for the windows.
  • Now you can install the application and again restart your computer.

Final Words

Discord is a very famous application for gamers. And most used for communicating and share the screen with other players while playing the game. Above define the All Fixes of the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working well, you can follow the above fixes and get a Discord Screen Share Audio on your computer.

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